All Saints Day

  • All Saints Day Children's sermon idea - our Family of Faith

    All Saints Day Childrens sermon - Fun object lesson on our Family of Faith - 

    We have our family history the include men and women that we admire and look up to. As followers of Jesus we are part of an even greater Family of Faith going back many years. As object lessons use a family photo album and compare this with the bible (our "Faith Family") 

  • Children's sermon - What is a Saint?

    Kids sermon / message for All Saint’s Day – How to become a Saint -

    Message overview: Have one of children come forward and “turn them into” a traditional looking saint (Put on a long robe, give them a scroll, and ask them to stand up tall and look very saintly!) Have some fun with this. Then explain that in artwork and stained-glass windows we think of saints as looking very different, but they are really followers of Jesus just like you and me. They may be very well known for doing amazing things but each one of us (as followers of Jesus) has been set apart to do God’s special work as well.

    What is a Saint

    Object lesson items needed: A fancy robe (a bathrobe could work), a bible or scroll, a halo etc.

    Children's talk: Good morning children! This morning is a special day when we celebrate Christian Saints. Have you ever seen a picture of a saint in a stained-glass window? What did they look like? Well, this morning I thought it would be fun to make someone look like a saint. Betty, would you come forward so that I can make you into a saint? Thank you. (Have some fun putting on various items to make them look like a saint.)

    Wow! They really look like a saint now! Can you name some saints mentioned in the bible? That’s right. These saints are well known Christians who are wonderful examples that we can learn from. But I want you to know that the bible says that all followers / disciples of Jesus are saints. Being a saint is not really about being dressed up a certain way. You might look a bit different, but as a child of God and a disciple of Jesus you are also a modern-day saint. The word “saint” refers to “holy ones” that are set apart for God’s purposes. Through Jesus, God has made you his children and special witnesses to his love and grace.

    Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you for the men and women saints in the bible. Help us to follow their example of faith and service. Thank you also that we are also saints (though younger or smaller) and you will do amazing things through our lives. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Children's Sermon for All Saints Day


    Children's Sermon for All Saints Day    
    All Saints Day
    Idea for Children’s Sermon
    : All Saint’s Day

    Show the children your family photo album. Show the children your pictures telling them about your family roots. Highlight some heroic deeds and tell them how proud you are to be a descendant. Bring out the Bible and tell them that as well as our natural family we are also part of the family of God. The Bible is our “family history” telling the story of our ancestors in faith that we call Saints.
    Object Lesson Props: (1) A Bible, (2) your family photo album
    Full Children’s Sermon:
    Good morning children. Many churches celebrate this Sunday as “All Saints Day.” On this day we remember all the believers in the family of God that have gone before us, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, and others that we read about in the bible as well as the many other men and women of God who were disciples of Jesus Christ down through the ages. I want to say more about this but first I wanted to show you something I brought from home. (Hold up your family photo album.) Do you know what this is? That’s right. It’s my family picture album. I’d love to show it to you. Look at this elderly man here. This is my grandfather Ernie. He was a wonderful man. He had a bad leg because he was injured in the war but he worked very hard on his orchard growing apples. I’ve always been inspired by how much he loved us and how he was such a hard worker. And here is my grandmother MacKinnon. In the summers we used to go with her to the lake. She was very caring and looked after us if we ever got hurt. I often look at this photo album because it reminds me of family members I used to know and even one that I never got to meet because they died before I was born. (Put down the photo album and hold up your bible.) Do you know what this book this is? Right, it’s a bible. I like reading the bible too. As believers in Jesus Christ we are all part of the family of God. The bible is a book about members of the family of God that goes back many, many years. (Open up the bible.) This part of the bible talks about a man names Abraham who had great trust in God. This part talks about Moses who led God’s people out of slavery in Egypt. This part talks about God’s son Jesus and about the disciples, John, James, Peter, etc. We call them Saints. Saints are people who have been “set apart” for God’s holy / special purposes. In a sense we are all saints, but we like to specially remember them because they knew Jesus and were the first to follow him. What I want you to understand is that these Saints that are mentioned in the bible are really part of our family – the family of God. So you see that the bible is like our family album. It tells the story of great men and women of faith in the family of God; the same faith family that we belong to!
    Children’s Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for the many and wonderful saints that followed Jesus down through the ages. Help us to follow their good examples and to remember what a blessing it is to be in the same family of faith. We ask this in Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Children's sermon for Halloween - Don't be afraid


    Children’s sermon for Halloween – Fear not: I am with you always (Isaiah 41:10 / Matthew 28)

    (Note: Christians have different convictions regarding Halloween. Adapt this kids sermon to you own church fellowship)

    Basic plan: Explain to the children that when you were young you went outside in the dark at Halloween and held your parent’s hands. You didn’t need to be afraid because they were always with you. Explain how God is always with us and we need not fear if we know we are close to him. Dramatize this by taking a child by the hand and walk past some of the children as they make scarry faces.

    halloween fear not

    Children sermon / interactive Sunday School lesson: Good morning children! Do you know what time of year it is? Yes, that’s right. It’s Halloween. (It’s also a time many churches celebrate the great saints of God down through the ages.)

    Sometimes Halloween can seem like scary time. Some people dress up as ghosts, monsters and all kinds of evil looking creatures. When I was very young, I went outside at Halloween with my mother and saw some frightening things! But I wasn’t really that afraid because I held my mother’s hand and I knew she was right their beside me.

    I will show you what it was like. Betty, will you come here and hold my hand. Now, let’s have the other kids make a scary face! (Holding the young child, walk past the children making faces.) Now Betty, was that really scary? (Most likely they will be laughing.) No? That’s good. There was no need to be afraid because I’m right here with you holding your hand.

    I want you all to know that there are many places in the bible where God says he is with us always, so we don’t need to be afraid. Jesus also said, “I am with you always” (Matthew 28). Although we can’t see God holding our hand, the Bible says he is right beside us. He is just like a parent holding us close. So, even at Halloween we don’t need to be afraid – God is with us!

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that you are with us always. When we are afraid help us to remember you are right beside us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • We are Saints

    Children's sermon for All Saints Day: Followers of Jesus are Saints        (Season of Halloween)

    Idea for the Children’s Sermon: All Saints’ Day
    Show the children some large pictures of well known Saints. After discussing these saints, hold up pictures of other saints, pictures of people in your congregation. Finally, tell the children that you want to show them one last picture of a saint. Hand the children a mirror and ask them to look at it. Emphasize that according to the bible’s definition of a saint (Holy ones –set apart for God’s purposes) we are all saints.
    Illustration objects: (1) Some pictures of classic biblical Saints. (2) Pictures of various people in the congregation (3) a small mirror.
    Children’s Sermon:
    Good morning children! Did you know that many churches celebrate the Christian saints at this time of year? Do you know what a saint is? I brought some pictures of saints. Look at this picture. This is a picture of Saint Paul. They didn’t have cameras then so this is just a picture of what Paul might have looked like. Paul was a great teacher and he is pictured here holding a book that represents the scriptures. Look at this picture here. It’s a picture of Saint Luke. This drawing of Luke has him holding some medicine in his hand. The bible says he was a doctor. Now I want to show you some other pictures of saints. (Hold up pictures of members of your congregation) Do you recognize any of these saints? You’re right. This is a picture of Mrs. Jones. She is a follower of Jesus and she makes the coffee for us every Sunday morning. This is Mr. Smith. He is also a follower Jesus. You probably know him pretty well because he operates the sound system at our church. These people didn’t live hundreds of years ago, and they are not portrayed in any stained glass windows. However, the bible refers to all believers as saints. A saint is a “holy one.” That means someone who is “set apart” for God’s special purposes. And all believers have been set apart for God’s special purposes. That brings me to this last picture I have. (Pull out the mirror and hand it to the children to look at.) Look at this. Who do you see? That’s right. You can see yourself! You are followers of Jesus so that makes you a saint too. You might not be as well known as Peter, Paul or Luke but you are still a saint. As followers of Jesus we have been set apart to as God’s own children. We have also been set apart for serving God in the church and in His Kingdom.
    Children’s Prayer: Thank you God for all the saints that have followed Jesus Christ. Thank you for the wonderful things they have done and for the wonderful example they are to us. Thank you also for the saints in our own congregation who serve you in so many different ways. Thank you God that we are also saints. We have been called by you and we have been set apart for serving you. What a great honour that is. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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