• Brothers and sisters in God's family

    Lecionary Gospel text for this Sunday: Mark 3:20-35 Who are my mother and brothers? Or, fits with Galatians 3: 23-29 - June 19 2022

    Main children's sermon idea: As followers of Jesus we are part of a large wonderful family -the family of God

    Overview: Have various children mention who is in their family. Ask their family members to stand up. Explain how Jesus said his followers (you and me) are also part of another family; the family of God. After having some individual families stand up, have everyone in the congregation stand up and highlight that we belong to this great family. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.  children fellowship

    Full kids talk: Good morning children! Who here is a member of a family? (Be sensitive to the wide variety of family situations in your fellowship). That’s right. All of you are from some type of family, big or small. Carol, is your family here this morning? Let’s get them to stand up. I can see you have a mother and two brothers. Richard, do you have family member here today? (Get them to stand up in the congregation)

    It’s wonderful that we are part of some type of family that cares for us and loves us. However, did you know that as a follower of Jesus you are a part of another wonderful family? It’s called the family of God! In our bible lesson today from Mark chapter 3 Jesus said that his followers (who were doing his will) were brothers and sisters together. Let’s have this big family stand up. (Ask the whole congregation to stand.) Do you see all these people here this morning? As followers of Jesus we are part of this big family. Can you see Betty over there? She is a grandmother to her own family but think of her as like a grandmother to all of us as well. Look around this circle that we are sitting in. Think of these people as being like your brothers and sisters in God’s big family.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank for our families that loves us and looks after us each day. Thank you also that as followers of Jesus we are a part of wonderful big family called the family of God. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Kids talk - chosen and adopted by God

    God chose us and adopted us into His family

    Theme: God chose us and adopted us into the family of God                

    Text: Ephesians 1: 3-14 (Trinity 4) (I usually go with the Gospel but the beheading of John the Baptist doesn't seem appropriate for young kids!)
    Basic idea: Demonstrate how a child is chosen and adopted into a family. Show how God has chosen us and adopted us into his family.
    --Alternate: Involve the children in choosing some objects. Show some objects that you have chosen for some purpose. Describe that God has chosen us to be a part of his family.
    Full Story: (Find a family that is known to have adopted a child recently and ask them prior to the service if they can be used as an object lesson. Otherwise, carefully choose “actors” from the congregation.)
    Good morning children. One of our bible readings for this morning says that God has chosen us and adopted us into his family – the family of God. Do any of you know what it means to be adopted? That’s right. If there is a child who needs parents and is alone, a family can have that child become a part of their family. The mom and dad become the child’s parents and the child becomes a new member of that family. It is a very wonderful thing. I’ll show you how that works. Let’s pretend that Sally is alone and doesn’t have a family to live with. To demonstrate that we will ask her to sit up here all alone on this bench. Now over here we will ask Bob and Carol to stand up with their children. They have lots of love to share and they begin looking for a child that could join their family. (Walk the family over toward the child “Sally” that is alone on the bench.) Then they choose this child who will become part of their family. They need to sign some official papers promising to look after the child. (Pull out a clipboard and a pen and hold it in front of the parents as if they are signing a document). Now, family members I’d like you to open up your arms like this (extend your arms to the child) showing that you are choosing this young child to join your family. Now Sally, come off the bench and join this family. (Lead the child into the family’s arms.) Now Sally is been adopted into this family and is a real member. Thank you for helping me act this out.
    TRANSITION: In the same way that someone can be chosen and adopted into a family the bible says that God chose us and adopted us into his family – the family of God!
    We may have our own family that we belong to, but as followers of Jesus we have been chosen and adopted into the family of God as well. Now, I would like all the members of the congregation to stand up and extend your arms to us (the story teller and the children up front) just like the family members we had up here. Great. Let’s all walk down into the congregation (the family of God) to show that we have been adopted into this big part of the family of God. Well done. We are going to pray now but I would like the members of the congregation to keep standing with your arms extended in welcoming love.
    Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you that even though we have our own family, you have also chosen us and adopted us into the family of God – the Church. Thank you for your great love and for making us a part of this wonderful family. In Jesus’ name – Amen.
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  • The Lord's Supper


    Children's Story about Holy Communion

    Sermon for children: Help Children understand Holy Communion / the Lord’s Supper (John 6:56-6:9)
    Basic Idea: Show the back pack you use for hiking and the lunch bag inside. Discuss how this food is vital for the journey. Show the bread and wine / grape juice you use for communion and explain how this spiritual food (of Jesus Christ) is vital sustenance for the journey of life.
    Objects needed: Backpack, lunch container / bag with various food items. The bread and wine /grape juice you use for celebrating the Lord’s Supper.
    Full Story: Good Morning Children. Do you see what I have on my back? Yes. It is the back pack I use for hiking and camping. It holds all the important item I need if I go on a hiking trip. What do you think is one of the most important things to take with you if you are on a trip? (Discuss the responses). Inside this bag is something that is very important to take along. It’s my lunch! Mmmm. Look what I have inside. When you are on a long hike it is very important to have lots of good, healthy food. It gives you the energy to keep going and to stay healthy. In fact, without food you wouldn’t live very long.
    Now, I’d like you all to look over here on this table. It has food for a meal – the bread and wine we use when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. It is a special meal because the bread and wine remind us (or are for us) the body and blood of Christ. Jesus said that he was “the bread of life” and that we need to feed on him if we are to really discover that true life that God has for us. When we eat the bread and wine it reminds us that we want Jesus to come inside us and feed us with himself. It also reminds us that his is the bread of life and that he loved us so much he was willing to give his life for us.
    When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper with this bread and wine we might think of it as food for the journey of life. We are all on a journey and big adventure in life and when we have the bread and wine on Sunday it is a time to receive Jesus and all that he did for us. It also reminds us that we need to feed on Jesus every day of our life if we are going to really live.
    Pray: Thank you Lord for our daily food. When we have Holy Communion / the Lord’s Supper, help us to truly feed on Jesus who is the bread of life. Amen!

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