Children's Bible talk: The Beatitudes – Blessed are you!
Matt 5: 1-12  
Children’s Message idea: Despite outward treatment and appearances disciples of Jesus are indeed “blessed” and wonderfully favored. Place some valuable jewelry in an old can. Mark the can up, bang it around and laugh at it. No matter what happens to the can it is wonderfully favored because of the precious gift inside. With Jesus in our life we are wonderfully favored and “Blessed” even if we face trouble or hardship.  (Note: I realize that even theologians interpret this passage differently. I’m doing my best to come up the easy to understand core truth.)
(This could easily be adapted to the theme: “We have this treasure in jars of clay.” 2 Cor.4:7)
Object lesson props: Old tin can, jewelry or precious item, felt marker.
Children’s sermon: God morning Children! This morning I want to read out some words of Jesus that we call the Beatitudes. In this passage from Matthew’s gospel Jesus said that his followers were “blessed.” It’s hard to understand what that word “blessed” means. You might think of it meaning “happy,” “favored” or “wonderfully special.” (Read out a section of this passage – Matt 5: 1-12.) Now that’s surprising isn’t it? Jesus said that his followers were specially “blessed” even when they had great troubles. That’s hard to understand isn’t it? I’ll try to explain how that might be.
Do you see this tin old tin can? It doesn’t look very important does it? But look what’s inside. (Open the lid so the children can see inside.) Look at these. This is very valuable gold jewelry. This looks like an ordinary tin can but its holding something very special inside. What if I knocked the tin can over like this. Would this can be any less special? What if I messed it up with this felt pen? What if we all laughed the tin can and made fun of it. (Point at the can and laugh.)Would it be less special or less important? Of course not. This tin can is wonderfully blessed because it has such a wonderful treasure inside.
As followers of Jesus we are greatly blessed. People may make fun of us and even hurt us but no matter what happens to us we are greatly blessed because Jesus’ love and his life is right inside us; just like the treasure in the old tin can.  We have been greatly blessed because of Jesus. We also know that that we will be in his love and care for ever and ever!
Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the life that Jesus gives. We have indeed been greatly blessed because we have the greatest treasure living in us. In Jesus’ name – Amen
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John 1: 29-42   Simon becomes Peter the rock
Jesus helps us to be what we were created to be. Simon is named Peter the rock.
Children’s sermon idea: Jesus saw Simon for what he could and would become. Use a seed, acorn or small plant as an object lesson of show how God can make us into so much more than we are now. In the same way Jesus planned for Simon to become Peter (rock / stone) he also wants to help us to become all that he created us to be.
Object lesson items: An acorn, some seeds, a small plant / tree that is just pushing through the soil in a pot.
Children’s Sermon: Good morning children! In our Bible reading today from John’s gospel we read about how Jesus and Simon first met. When Jesus saw Simon he said that he was to have a new name. He was to be called Peter the rock. Now Simon – Peter was not like a strong rock at first. He kept changing his mind and he was afraid to follow Jesus when things got tough. But Jesus saw what Simon could become if he followed him and was filled by the Holy Spirit.
Look at this little plant in this small pot. It doesn’t look very big or strong. But believe it or not, this little shoot may one day become a huge fir tree this big around and over a hundred feet tall!
Do you see this little acorn? It’s very small but one day it might become a big oak tree. The exciting thing about this little plant or this little acorn is what they can become one day.
Jesus knew that Simon would one day become a Peter, strong and solid as a rock. You might think that you are very young and small. But God knows that one day you will probably be a strong follower of Jesus doing wonderful things for his Kingdom. So remember, if we truly follow Jesus he will make us into the “strong as a rock” people of God. He sees us for what we are but also what we can become.
Children’s Prayer: Dear God. Thank you for making Simon into Peter the rock. Thank you that if we follow Jesus, you’ll make us into strong followers and Christian disciples. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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Kids Sermon / Sunday school introduction:

Jesus came to seek and save the lost:         Luke 19:1-10
Children’s sermon idea: Discuss and / or act out searching for someone who is lost. Explain how Jesus came to “seek and save the lost.”

(An alternative to this would be to paraphrase the story while children act out the key events. Appoint someone to be Jesus who walks through the crowd (the congregation). Have someone act out Zacchaeus. He could jump up on a platform beside a tree (a person with their arms outstretched) and look for Jesus coming. Jesus would call out to him and tell him he is coming to his house.) 
Object lesson items: None. For extra effect have a child pretend that he / she is lost by having them hide in the congregation before you start your message.
Full Children’s Sermon:
Good morning children! Have you ever been lost? Have you ever helped look for someone who was lost? (Discuss) Well, I’ve just realized that Billy is not up front with us this morning. I saw him at the beginning of the service. Perhaps he’s lost! Will you help me go and find Billy? Great. Why don’t you two go down that isle and I’ll take the rest of the kids and search at the back of the church.
(When you “find” the lost person give a big cheer.) That’s great. Come and join the rest of us up at the front of the church.
(Have the children sit down.)
Thanks for helping find the lost person. What we did reminds me of a bible reading from the gospel of Luke chapter 19. In that bible story Jesus surprised some religious leaders by staying at the house of a nasty tax collector. In those days everybody hated tax collectors because they would often steal money –even from poor people. He was someone who seemed very far away from God. It was like he was lost to God. But the good news is that Jesus found him, called him by name and even went over to his house! Some of the religious people couldn’t understand why Jesus would stay at the house of such a bad person. But Jesus said that he wanted to “seek and save” people who were lost. He didn’t want to stay away from bad people, he wanted to show love to them and have them come home to God. I think that is what Jesus wants us to do too. He wants us to go and find people who are lost and far away from God and bring them home!
Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us to follow Jesus’ example by showing love to all those people who seem lost and far away from God.

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Don’t be fooled. Follow the real Jesus.   - Bible Lesson: Don't be deceived! 
Luke 21:5-19 “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name claiming, “I am He, “…do not follow them.”
Children’s Sermon idea: Have three people hidden behind a partition. Have the children listen to various responses and have them pick the real Jesus. The real Jesus would respond with well know bible texts and the other two imposters would answer with “worldly wisdom.” (Have fun with the answers.)
 dont be led astray
Object Lesson preparation: Three individuals seated behind a partition or other barrier out of site from the children. Prepare a simple script for each individual. Have the real Jesus answer the question with scripture. You may need to ask the children to hide their eyes as your actors get into place.
Children’s Sermon / Sunday school lesson introduction:
Good morning children! In the bible reading that we have for today Jesus warned his disciples that there would be many people that would pretend to be Jesus. He warned his disciples not to be fooled by them. I’ve made a little game to see if you are good at telling the difference between the real Jesus and people just pretending to be Jesus. I’m going to ask some questions to the people behind that barrier over there and I want you to guess which one sounds like the real Jesus. (Of course we don’t have Jesus actually behind the curtain but I want you to pick out which one sound closest to the real Jesus.)
Jesus number 1. If I’m feeling worried and upset what should I do?
ANS: “Sorry Bud. I can’t do much for you there. Life’s just like that sometimes. Just take some pills or something.”
Jesus number 2. If I’m feeling worried and upset what should I do?
Good question. The key is making more money. If you make more money you’ll be happy and then you won’t worry so much.
Jesus number 3. If I’m worried and upset what do you think I should do?
Trust in me. Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest
Well children. You’ve heard the responses. Put up your hand if you think Jesus number 1 was the real Jesus. Put up your hand if you think Jesus number 2 sounded like the real Jesus. Put up your hand if you think Jesus number 3 sounds like the real Jesus.
Let ask one more question…. (You get the idea)
Conclusion: You were pretty good at picking out the real Jesus. Let’s have the congregation give you a cheer! Jesus warned his followers that there would be people that would claim to be a saviour but were really just fooling people. We need to be careful not to believe everyone who claims to be sent from God. On way to help us recognize the voice of the real Jesus is to read the bible. As we read about the real Jesus in the Bible we will be able to recognize people that are trying to fool us and lead us astray.
Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us to know your son Jesus more and more each day as we read your Word, the bible and fill us with your Holy Spirit so that we would have your wisdom and understanding. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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