Sunday School ideas - a cup of cold water in Jesus' name - Matthew 10:40-42

As a general introduction to any lesson on this topic begin by reading and discussing the story of Matthew 10:40-42, where Jesus teaches about the importance of hospitality and kindness. Although the giving of a cup of cold water here is focused on support for those serving Christ, I believe this can be applicable for supporting any in need.

Plan a “Water Drive”: Organize a water drive where children bring bottles of water to donate. Explain how clean water is a basic need for many people around the world and how their donations can make a difference. This of course could also be use to remind people of the story of the Woman at the Well and the spiritual thirst that Jesus can satisfy.

Hold a Water Relay: Set up a relay race where children pass cups of water from one end to another. This can be a lot of fun – especially on a hot day! Emphasize the importance of working together and supporting one another, just as Jesus taught.

Random Acts of Kindness: Encourage children to perform small acts of kindness, such as offering a glass of water to someone who is thirsty or helping someone in need. Discuss how these acts reflect Jesus' teachings. They won’t get paid in money but they will certainly be rewarded in significant ways by God. You might also have the children give examples of how others helped them out in times of need.

Water related Crafts: Engage children in water-themed crafts such as making friendship bracelets with water-related charms or designing their own water-themed bookmarks. During the craft activity, discuss how they can use these items as reminders to show kindness and help others.

Role-playing: Divide children into pairs and have them act out scenarios where they can demonstrate hospitality and kindness. Encourage them to think about how they would offer a cup of cold water in different situations. This exercise will be remembered by the children as it engages all the senses.

Guest Speaker / Missionary - Invite a guest speaker, such as a representative from a local charity or organization that provides clean water to communities in need. If you have a large congregation, you might even have a water well driller in the fellowship. Allow the children to ask questions and learn about the impact of their donations.

Art Project: Provide art supplies and have the children create artwork depicting acts of kindness and giving water to others. Display their artwork in the Sunday School classroom or the church to remind them of the importance of their acts of kindness and mercy.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world - Gods amazing love for us and the whole world!

Gods love for the world

Youth group object lesson idea: Aim: to Emphasize that God does not just “Like” or “Follow” a few people as with Social media. God knows, follows and loves everybody in the whole world. (If you don’t want to focus attention on social media, or if the children are very young, you could substitute a cell phone for an address book as the main highlighted visual.)

Props needed: A cell phone or an address book with the name of your friends.

Youth sermon: Good morning children! Do you know what this is? Yes, it’s a cell phone. What are some of the things you can do with a cell phone? (let’s them respond) That’s right. You can make phone calls, take pictures, send messages on facebook or Instagram, Etc. Let’s see how many people are in my phone address book…Wow! I have the names of 75 people in my phone contact list. I don’t post on Instagram very often, but I still have 42 “followers!” And let’s look here on facebook. I have 35 “friends!”

I wonder who has the most followers in the world? Or, I wonder who has the most “friends” in the world? (Interact with the youth).

Do you want to know something amazing? There is someone who knows, loves and follows everyone in the whole world. It’s God. The bible says in John 3:16 that God so loved the whole world that he gave his only son…Isn’t that amazing! God actually knows and loves every single person in the world. That would be impossible for us to do. But with God everyone in the world. This would be impossible for us, but not for God. I believe God is thinking about us and following everything we do. And he can do that for every person in the world. Isn’t God amazing! God not only loves you and me, he loves everyone in the world.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the “friends” we have and for all the people that “follow” us and are interested in our lives. But we thank you most of all for being interested in our lives and the lives of every single person the in world. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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Kids sermon - A new commandment love (John 13)

By this shall all know you are my disciples

Children’s sermon: John 13:31-35 The commandment to love one another

Children’s sermon idea: (Have on hand items of clothing, hats or badges that represent various occupations and people.) Discuss with the children how they can recognize various people by what they wear. Discuss how we might recognize a group of Christians. Jesus said “By this shall all know that you are my disciples.” It’s our love for one another that should show that we are Christians.

Object lesson items: Clothing items worn by various people / professions. You might need to borrow some clothing items from members of your congregation.

Children’s sermon: Good morning children. In this box I have various garments that people wear. (Bring out a hard hat.) What person might wear a hat like this? That’s right. If you saw someone wearing this they might be a workman or a carpenter. (Hold up a fireman’s coat and hat.) What kind of person would wear this clothing? Right – a firefighter. (Continue with some more items of clothing that are easily identifiable.) You did very well. I have one more question. How can you recognize that someone is a Christian? If you saw a group of people how would you know they were Christians?

That’s right. Christians wear different kinds of clothing. It’s not that easy to tell right away. However, in our bible reading today from the gospel of John, Jesus said that there was one thing that would let others know we are Christians. Jesus said that if we had love for one another other people in the world would be able to tell that we are Christians. Others can’t tell that we follow Jesus by looking at what we wear. However, they should be able to tell that we follow Jesus by how we love each other. Jesus said, “by this shall all know you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Let’s pray and ask God to help us love each other so that other would recognize us as Christians and want to know about Jesus and his love.

Children’s Prayer: Dear God, please give us power through the Holy Spirit to grow in our love for each other. In that way others might be able to see that we follow Jesus and that they too might decide to follow him and know his wonderful love. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

The Joy of the Lord is our Strength

Nehemiah Chapter 8Lectionary

Joy of the Lord Strength

Children’s sermon idea: Involve the kids in some strength exercises. (Get them to join in with some sit-ups, push-ups, pretend to lift some weights etc. Make it fun!) We want our bodies strong, but God can help us to be strong on the inside. Explain how Ezra said that the “Joy of the Lord is our strength”. If we turn to Jesus, remember His promises and follow Him we can know this Joy and Strength on the inside. That will give us inner strength and help us through the hard times of life.

Objects items needed: None. However, you could bring in some weights or other exercise devices.

Children’s Sermon:

Good morning, children! How many of you are feeling strong this morning? It’s important to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Let’s do some exercises. First, join with me in doing some jumping jacks… Now, lets do some running on the spot… Now let’s do some push-ups… Now let’s pretend to lift some weights… How did that feel? Join with me in flexing your muscles (like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Rosie the Riveter.)

Ok, let’s take a rest. Our bible lesson today is from a bible book call the Nehemiah. The bible reading is about a leader called Ezra. After God’s people returned to Jerusalem, they needed to rebuild the wall that was in need of repair. When they had finished, they had a great celebration and promised to stay close to God. They were feeling pretty week and tired, but Ezra told them to celebrate because the Joy of the Lord would keep them strong. (Read 8:10-12)

From time to time all of us can get tired and discouraged. Sometimes life is hard and it’s not easy to keep going. But in those times, it’s important to remember all the good things that we have as followers of Jesus; children of God.

We know that Jesus loves us.

We know that He promises to be with us always.

We know that one day he will “wipe away every tear from our eyes”.

We know that nothing can separate us from His love.

When remember things (from the bible) we can have a deep down Joy that will be like an inner strength. Every day we can spend some time remembering God’s wonderful promises so that the Joy of the Lord will be our strength.

Children’s Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for all the wonderful promises we have as children of God. Help us to remember these promises each day so that the Joy of the Lord would be our strength through the hard times of life. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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Children’s sermon on the persecuted church

Kid’s message on the persecuted church – those suffering for Jesus

Basic idea: Engage the children in pretending you are early Christians trying to hide from Roman soldiers 2000 years ago. To add to the drama by placing some secret fish symbols in various places leading the way to where you will secretly worship. Explain how Christians still must do this in some countries today.

(Ahead of time: Place some secret fish symbols on door posts and hallways. This might lead to a secret room where you will open and read from a hidden bible. )  fish symbol persecuted church

Hold up a Christian fish symbol. Ask the children where they have seen this sign. Explain how the early Christians sometimes used this as a secret symbol during times of persecution. Then ask the children to very quiet and imagine they are hiding from Roman soldiers. Lead the way and help them to discover the “secret” Christian fish symbols on the way to the meeting place. When you arrive at the secret location find a “hidden” bible and read out some encouraging bible passages in hushed tones.

Debrief: Explain how thankful we are that we live in a time and place where we don’t have to be afraid of following Christ. (That being said, you could give examples of how Christians are sometime made fun of because of their faith in Jesus) Let the children know that in some places of the world Christians must to hide and even suffer greatly for their faith. Lead in prayer for the persecuted church (their brothers and sisters in Christ)

Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you that we live in a country where we can freely talk about Jesus and his love. Please help our Christian brothers and sisters (and show us how we might help them) in those places where they are suffering for being followers of Jesus. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

Sundaychildrensfocus – Andrew Hewlett 2021


Children’s sermon for Halloween – Fear not: I am with you always (Isaiah 41:10 / Matthew 28)

(Note: Christians have different convictions regarding Halloween. Adapt this kids sermon to you own church fellowship)

Basic plan: Explain to the children that when you were young you went outside in the dark at Halloween and held your parent’s hands. You didn’t need to be afraid because they were always with you. Explain how God is always with us and we need not fear if we know we are close to him. Dramatize this by taking a child by the hand and walk past some of the children as they make scarry faces.

halloween fear not

Children sermon / interactive Sunday School lesson: Good morning children! Do you know what time of year it is? Yes, that’s right. It’s Halloween. (It’s also a time many churches celebrate the great saints of God down through the ages.)

Sometimes Halloween can seem like scary time. Some people dress up as ghosts, monsters and all kinds of evil looking creatures. When I was very young, I went outside at Halloween with my mother and saw some frightening things! But I wasn’t really that afraid because I held my mother’s hand and I knew she was right their beside me.

I will show you what it was like. Betty, will you come here and hold my hand. Now, let’s have the other kids make a scary face! (Holding the young child, walk past the children making faces.) Now Betty, was that really scary? (Most likely they will be laughing.) No? That’s good. There was no need to be afraid because I’m right here with you holding your hand.

I want you all to know that there are many places in the bible where God says he is with us always, so we don’t need to be afraid. Jesus also said, “I am with you always” (Matthew 28). Although we can’t see God holding our hand, the Bible says he is right beside us. He is just like a parent holding us close. So, even at Halloween we don’t need to be afraid – God is with us!

Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that you are with us always. When we are afraid help us to remember you are right beside us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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4th of July Children’s sermon Independence Day

(I am from Canada so I don’t have a full appreciation of the 4th of July and it’s historical meaning for those in the United States. That being said, if I did live in the United States here is a possible angle that might go along with the Lectionary reading of Mark 6:1-13:)

Independence Day

1. Show various symbols or objects used to honor people. (You could use a medal, a trophy or a big fancy chair etc.) You could also have the kids give a big cheer to demonstrate another way of honoring people.

2. Explain how Jesus (Mark 6:1-13) was not always honored. As followers of Jesus, we too will not always be honored. Nevertheless, we keep serving Jesus no matter what comes our way. You could also explain how others may not understand our faith in Jesus and make fun of us.

3. Explain to the children how in some countries Christians don’t have the freedom to openly express their faith. In some countries Christians are persecuted.

4. Highlight how thankful we are that we (those in the United States on this 4th of July) have the freedom and liberty to live a Christians. We are not under the control of another country and all people have the freedom to practice our faith. That is what we celebrate with fireworks and cheers on the July the fourth.

Idea: Get the children and the congregation to give a big cheer to show honor to Jesus and his disciples. Lead the children in a prayer of thanksgiving for the freedom experienced in our country. (And perhaps lead in a cheer of thanksgiving)

Peace – Andrew Hewlett

A prophet without honor Mark 6: 1-13  honor medal

Children’s sermon idea: Show the children some visual symbols we use to honor people. Explain how Jesus was not always honored by those around him. Help the children understand how we are not always honored or understood when we share the love of Jesus with others.

Props: Anything that we use to honor people. An Olympic medal, a fancy chair, large sign with the words “THANK YOU”.

*(As an alternative / addition you could have the congregation give a cheer of approval or a frown)

Full Children’s sermon: Good morning children! Do you see this medal? What sort of person would you give this to? That’s right, someone how won a race or did really well at some sports event. Who would you give a giant thank you card to? Yes, someone who did something that you really appreciated. Who might you get to sit in a really fancy chair like this? Sometimes people show their appreciation by cheering. I’m going to get the congregation to give you followers of Jesus a big cheer. (Prompt the congregation to rousing cheer.) Wow! That felt pretty good, didn’t it! We all like to be appreciated and we all like it when people say thank you for something we did. There is a word that explains how we might feel. It’s the word “honor” (You might want to unpack this a bit. You could also ask the congregation to frown as that look at the children.)

You probably know that Jesus travelled around doing good wherever he went. But did you know that not everyone was happy with him? Not everyone honored him. In fact, sometimes even those very close to him did not understand or honor him for the wonderful things he did. You might think that everybody would be happy with what he did but that is not what always happened.

As followers of Jesus, we will not always be appreciated or honored for the good things we do. In fact, sometimes close friends may make fun of us or get angry at us. This happened to Jesus, and it will sometimes happen to us. When that happens, it might make us sad, but we should not stop doing good and showing love to others! It’s nice when people honor us with a cheer or a word of thanks, but we need to keep following Jesus even when nobody seems to care.

(You might want to wrap up the message by getting the congregation to give a big cheer for the kids.)

First Place / Gold Medal

Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus kept on showing love to people even when some didn’t appreciate it. When people don’t say thank you (and honor) us, help us to know that YOU love us. That is the most important thing. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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Children's Sermon / Object lesson    Mark 4: 26-34 The Kingdom of God and the mustard seed

A tiny mustard seed is held between the index finger and the thumb. A perfect illustration of Jesus' teaching in the Bible.       Faith of Mustard Seed

This parable emphasizes the small, humble beginnings of the Kingdom. (Not what many people expected)

Basic Children’s sermon idea: Hold up a small seed and then show the sort of large bush that it can grow into. Explain that this is how the Kingdom of God and /or the Church of God grows. It starts with small beginnings.

Props needed: A small seed and a large bush in a pot.

Children’s sermon / object lesson: Good morning children! Can you see what I have in my hand? It’s very hard to see. Look closely and you will see a very small seed. It doesn’t look very important. It doesn’t look very powerful. It looks like it would never get any bigger.

However, if left a seed like this in the ground, and watered it, and left it grow, it would slowly grow into a large bush like this one over here. That is amazing that such a large bush could come from such a small seed.

Jesus said that this is how his Kingdom would grow. Some people expected that it would start with an amazing show of power. But Jesus said it would start very small way – like this little seed. Jesus started telling people about God and his wonderful love. Later his followers told others of how Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to die for us. It did not seem like a powerful beginning. However, just like a little seed in the ground his kingdom grew bigger and bigger. At first there were just a few believers in Jesus. Now, many years later his kingdom family stretches all around the world. There are followers of Jesus in every country of the world.

Kid’s prayer: Dear God, thank you for the good news message of Jesus and his love. Thank you that even though this good news message started with just a few people that it now has grown to be a huge church family all around the world. In Jesus name – Amen!

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Lecionary Gospel text for this Sunday: Mark 3:20-35 Who are my mother and brothers? Or, fits with Galatians 3: 23-29 - June 19 2022

Main children's sermon idea: As followers of Jesus we are part of a large wonderful family -the family of God

Overview: Have various children mention who is in their family. Ask their family members to stand up. Explain how Jesus said his followers (you and me) are also part of another family; the family of God. After having some individual families stand up, have everyone in the congregation stand up and highlight that we belong to this great family. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.  children fellowship

Full kids talk: Good morning children! Who here is a member of a family? (Be sensitive to the wide variety of family situations in your fellowship). That’s right. All of you are from some type of family, big or small. Carol, is your family here this morning? Let’s get them to stand up. I can see you have a mother and two brothers. Richard, do you have family member here today? (Get them to stand up in the congregation)

It’s wonderful that we are part of some type of family that cares for us and loves us. However, did you know that as a follower of Jesus you are a part of another wonderful family? It’s called the family of God! In our bible lesson today from Mark chapter 3 Jesus said that his followers (who were doing his will) were brothers and sisters together. Let’s have this big family stand up. (Ask the whole congregation to stand.) Do you see all these people here this morning? As followers of Jesus we are part of this big family. Can you see Betty over there? She is a grandmother to her own family but think of her as like a grandmother to all of us as well. Look around this circle that we are sitting in. Think of these people as being like your brothers and sisters in God’s big family.

Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank for our families that loves us and looks after us each day. Thank you also that as followers of Jesus we are a part of wonderful big family called the family of God. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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