• A New Year and a New Start

     Kids Sermon - "Time for a New Start!"

    (Items needed: A Clock or an Hourglass)

    New Year Clock

    Good morning, Children!

    I hope you're all excited because something special is about to happen (or has just happened) —can you guess what it is? That's right, a brand new year is just around the corner! It's like we're about to open a brand new book with 365 blank pages. How amazing is that? The old year of 2023 is all finished. Now we are about to start a brand new year!

    Today, I brought something with me that I think will help us understand the importance of the New Year. Look at this (show a clock or an hourglass) – what do you see? That's right, it's a clock! It helps us know what time it is, and it never stops ticking. Just like this hourglass, time is always moving forward. (If you use an hourglass you made to do some explanation first)

    Now, think about the past year. Can you remember the fun times, the things you learned, and the friends you made? It's like each second, minute, and hour on the clock represented something special that happened in our lives.

    But guess what? In just a few days, we're going to get a brand new clock / brand new year! It's like God is giving us a fresh start, a chance to make new friends, learn new things, and do kind and helpful stuff. Thankfully, the things that were not so good last year are in the past now. (You could also use this as a time to talk about forgiveness and putting old sins in the past)

    You know, the Bible tells us that God's love and mercy are new every morning. So, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, it's like God is saying, "I'm giving you a new chance to shine bright and make the world a better place."

    Just like the hourglass, the sand keeps moving, and so does time. But with each passing moment, we have the opportunity to do good things, to show the love and kindness of Jesus to others, and to grow closer to God.

    So, as we step into the New Year, let's remember that God has a special plan for each one of us. Let's use our time wisely, be kind to one another, and make this new year an amazing adventure with God!

    Happy New Year, everyone! Let's make it the best one yet!

    Childrens Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the gift of time and the chance to start anew. Help us use each moment of this brand new year to love others and grow closer to you. In Jesus’ name - Amen.

  • Children's Christmas sermon -object lesson

     Kids sermon: The Real Meaning of Christmas      

    Children's Sermon for Christmas:   Don’t forget the birth of Jesus. Gifts.
    Objects needed: Small Crèche/ Nativity scene. Bag of wrapped Christmas presents.
    Children's Sermon  / Sunday School idea: This works best if it’s your tradition to have a small Nativity scene up at the front of the church during Advent.   Gather the children in front of the nativity figures. Pull out a big bag of presents that you just received or will give to others. Place then one by one in front of the children making a large pile. As the nativity scene is now blocked from sight ask them is there is anything wrong. Sometimes all the excitement about getting of giving presents can make us forget about the real meaning of Christmas.
    Full Christmas object lesson: Good morning girls and boys. Come on up front here and gather in front of the nativity scene.   I want to talk about what we can see here. But first I want to show you something very exciting. (Pull out a big bag that is full of wrapped Christmas presents) Here are some presents that are under our Christmas tree that have my name on them! (Pull out the presents one by one placing them down between the children and the nativity scene) Look at this one! What do you think is inside? And this one, hmmm, I wonder what it could be? Feel how heavy it is. (Keep placing the gifts you have looked at in front on the nativity scene until there is a high wall of presents blocking the Nativity scene from the children’s view).   Well, I’m excited about all these presents that I get to open soon! Now, look at all those gifts. Wow, they are piled up so high. (Let the children take a good look at what is before them.) Is anything wrong? What’s the problem here?
    (Someone will notice that the nativity scene is completely obscured from view.) Yes. That’s right kids. Now we can’t see the Nativity scene! Is that right?
    TRANSITION:   You are right children.   I was so concerned about the gifts that I covered up the nativity scene and couldn’t even see Jesus! That can happen at Christmas. The gifts we get are lots of fun but we have to remember that the most important thing at Christmas is Jesus. We don’t want to forget about him. He is the greatest gift of all. 
    (Get some of the children to help you move some of the gifts to the side so that you get a clear view of the Nativity scene – especially Jesus.
    Children's Prayer: Thank you God for all the presents that we get a Christmas. We have been greatly blessed. Help us to remember the greatest gift of all, Jesus.   May our gifts and presents never get so important to us that we forget about Jesus. Let’s always make room for Jesus because that’s what Christmas is all about. Amen!
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  • Children's sermon on the Three Wise Men

    Children's sermon on the Three Wise Men - Gifts for a King (Magi from the East following the star) 

    Sorry - still haven't finished this but you will get the basic idea!)

    To introduce this massage reference a manger scene (Including the three wise men) if you have one on display.

  • Christmas - Jesus the Greatest Gift

    Children’s Sermon / Sunday school lesson idea for Christmas Eve.


    Children’s Sermon idea: Show a beautifully wrapped gift to the children. Discuss the wonders the outward appearance. Unwrap the present and place the plain looking box to the side. Let each child handle the beautiful reflective wrapping paper, the bow, the ribbon and the name tag. Consider displaying the “wrappings” in a place where all can enjoy. Discuss with the children that we can get fascinated by the wrapping and other adornments and forget the main gift. Explain how this can happen with Jesus. We can become so fascinated by things to do with the season that we forget Jesus who is the main gift. 
    (Alternate idea/ addition: If you have a baby in the congregation you could give the gift to the child and watch them play with the bow, the box and the ribbon while not understanding that the main gift is inside.)
    Object Lessonitems: A small gift in a plain box wrapped in beautiful paper and other adornments.
    Full Children’s Sermon/ Object lesson:
    Good morning children. Are you all pretty excited about Christmas? Look what I brought along this evening. It’s a beautiful little gift. (Let the children hold it or pass it along) I bet baby Timothy here would like a gift like this. (Hand the gift to the very young child.) Hmmm. It looks like they are trying to eat the wrapping. That’s not quite right. It is very beautiful though. Look at this bow. (Remove it and pass it along.) And look at this paper. (Remove it and pass it along placing the plain box off to the side) Hold it right up to your eyes. It looks very cool. Look at this ribbon. Do you see that wonderful pattern on the top side? And look at the name tag. It has my name written on it. Look at the little Angel picture on the back side. This is some of the most beautiful wrapping I’ve ever seen. I’m going to place it over here where everyone can see it and enjoy it. Good that looks very nice. Now everyone can enjoy seeing it. Great. I guess I should lead us in our usual prayer before sitting back down in the congregation.  Uh oh. Something is missing here. Where is the box that was inside all this nice wrapping? I almost forgot. Look what is inside this plain box. It’s a beautiful and valuable (Diamond, gem, etc. – let the children see it)
    TRANSITION: I was so interested in looking at the outward wrapping that I almost forgot the gift that was inside. The wrapping is only the outward covering. The important thing is the gift inside.
    This reminds me about the Christmas season. There are many wonderful things about Christmas. There are the Christmas trees; there are Christmas lights, wonderful carols, gifts, etc. However, what is most important about Christmas is Jesus; the greatest gift of all. If you received a gift it would be sad if you only enjoyed the paper, the bow and the ribbon and forgot the present inside. At Christmas it would be even worse if you enjoyed the hymns, the lights and the songs and forgot about Jesus! This Christmas let’s remember that Jesus is the greatest gift of all. He was born in a manger many years ago and he is alive today. Although we can’t see him right now we know he is the greatest King of all and that he loves us and leads us into the wonderful life of God. We don’t want to forget that.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for all the wonderful things about Christmas. Help us to enjoy this season but help us always to remember that Jesus is the most important thing about Christmas.
    We pray that many others would come to know his love and his life. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Christmas Children's Sermon -God's Gift of Jesus


    Children's Sermon for Christmas: God's wonderful gift to us

    Children’s sermon idea:      Demonstrate how the greatest Christmas gift is a person; God’s gift of Jesus Christ. Show the children various shapes and sizes of wrapped gifts. Discuss different types of gifts (Money gifts, food gifts, toy gifts) and reflect on what might be the greatest gift someone could give. Include a box large enough for a person to climb in. Surprise the children with a person already inside or ask one of the children to climb in. Explain how Jesus gave the greatest gift of all. He gave himself as as God's gift to the world.
    Jesus Nativity Scene
    (I’m going to include this true story that happened to my friend. My friend’s young sister was very sad that her brother was going to be away for Christmas. On a whim, the family decided to secretly fly him back home. He actually got inside a large box addressed to his sister. She was overjoyed when she opened this personal gift on Christmas Day.)
    Object lesson items: Various wrapped gifts, A box (preferably wrapped on 3 sides) big enough that someone can climb inside.
    Full Children’s Sermon: Good morning Children! Look at all the beautiful gifts that I have up here this morning. Look at this small box here. I’ll give it a shake. What do you think is inside? Yes, it could be some perfume or it could be a small toy. What might be in this box over here? It could be something you could eat like chocolates, peanuts or some gingerbread cookies. (Continue on and discuss different types of gifts that are given at Christmas.) Now, look at this huge box. What kind of gift might be inside? Let’s open it up and see. Have the children help. (Let them discover that the gift is actually a person!) That really surprised you didn’t it! I’ll bet you never expected that a person could be a Christmas gift. (Help the person out of the box).
    We don’t normally think of a living person as a gift. However, the greatest gift in the whole world was a person. His name was Jesus. God always gives good gifts, but the greatest gift of all to each one of us is the gift of Jesus Christ. He didn’t come wrapped up in a box but he was born into the world 2000 years ago in the town of Bethlehem. He is God’s gift to the whole world and that includes each one of us.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you for sending Jesus Christ who is the greatest gift in the whole world. Help us to know his life and his love, and to share that love to others. In Jesus’ name – Amen

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  • Kids sermon for after Christmas - Most important gift

    Children's sermon for after Christmas - object lesson - The Gift that lasts forever -

    Broken gifts

    This is an idea for a Children’s sermon soon after Christmas. Most kids will have received presents at Christmas and will soon find out that they break down, wear out and ultimately don’t bring lasting satisfaction. Perhaps it’s a good time to remind them of the greatest gift that lasts forever – Jesus.

    (This is based on a kid’s story posted on this site about “Treasures in Heaven”)

    Basic childrens sermon idea: Ask the children what gifts they received at Christmas. Ask them if any of these gifts have been broken. Show some items that you received that have been broken, worn out or didn’t really meet your expectations. Explain that material “things” bring happiness for a while, but they don’t bring lasting meaning or joy. Only the gift of Jesus will last forever. He will never leave us or forsake us.

    Object lesson items needed:  Old broken or worn-out gifts that you may have around the house. (You could have some fun with this)

    Full kids Bible talk: Good morning Children! How was your Christmas? Did you receive any gifts? What sort of things did you get? (Spend some time interacting) Did these items bring you a lot of joy?

    I want to show you some things I have in this box. (Pull various items out one by one) Look at this toy. I received this many years ago but it’s broken now. Look at this gift item I received. It looks nice but it doesn’t work. Look at this item…(You get the idea. You could also include items that still work but you are no longer interested in them. They don’t mean that much to you anymore. The happiness and excitement of getting the gifts doesn’t last long.)

    At Christmas you probably received lots of good things that made you happy. But don’t be surprised if one day soon you find out that they don’t bring lasting happiness. When I was young I would say to myself, “If I get that gift then I will be happy forever!” But before too long I discovered that those gifts didn’t bring happiness that lasts. Have you ever had that experience?

    Christmas is a great time of year. One nice thing about Christmas is that we get gifts. It’s always wonderful to receive new gifts and toys. However, one day we will discover that those toys don’t bring lasting happiness. There is one gift that will never break down and disappoint us. It’s the greatest gift of all – the gift of Jesus. Although we can’t see him with our eyes, he promises to be with us forever. He will always love us and will never leave us.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, we are thankful for all the gifts we received at Christmas. They are wonderful but we know that they won’t bring us lasting peace and joy. Thankyou for sending Jesus; the greatest gift of all. Thank you that he loves us, he guides us, he lives forever, and he will never forsake us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!  

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  • kids sermon on being Clothed with Christ

     Children’s sermon on Galatians 3:23-29   

    All those who have been baptized into Christ have clothed themselves with Christ.
    Idea for Children’s Sermon: Talk about (and act out) the importance of getting properly dressed in the morning. Explain how Paul encourages us to think as though we have clothed ourselves with Christ. (My first draft here is a bit choppy and needs proof reading. However, you’ll get the drift of things.)
    Object lesson items: Various items of (important) clothing. Consider using a big warm winter coat. You could also use a football or hockey jersey that shows who we indentify with.
    Full Kids sermon: Good morning children! What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? (interact). When I first get up I pull on my pants. Then I go to the cupboard and get some clean socks. I put those on. (Act out and consider asking the children to act this out with you.) Then I put on some shoes. Then I get a nice clean shirt. What do you think I put on if I’m going outside on a cold day? That’s right. I get a nice warm jacket and put that on too. On Saturdays, I put this team shirt on. It shows that I’m a member of my soccer club. It also shows others that this game is important to me.
    Putting on clothes is very important. Clothes protect us from getting scratched up. Clothes also keep us nice and warm. They also help us to look nice. When I put on my soccer shirt it shows others what my favourite sport is. One of our bible readings this morning is from Paul’s letter to the Galatians. In the 3rd chapter of his letter, Paul says that followers of Jesus (actually, the baptized) have clothed themselves with Jesus Christ. Paul liked to think of actually “wearing” Jesus Christ, somewhat like we wear a piece of clothing. (If you think it’s helpful you could also explain how Paul thought in terms of having Christ “in us” and walking “with us.”) Kids, perhaps this is one way that we can think about Jesus Christ as well. When I get up in the morning I put on my shirt like this. Perhaps we can imagine clothing ourselves with Christ. Let’s pretend that we are putting on Christ. (Pretend to put on a coat.) At the same time we could say a prayer asking God to help us live for Jesus and for others to know we are on his team!
    Children’s Prayer for clothing ourselves with Christ:  Dear God, help us clothe ourselves with Jesus Christ every day of our life. Fill us with your Holy Spirit and help others see that we really do belong to Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen!