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  • Advent Children's Sermon - Be Ready for Christ's Return


    Children's bible talk - Advent – Ready for Christ’s return  
    Luke 21:25-36  

     Be ready for the second coming of Jesus!     
     Advent cleaning
    Children's sermon idea for churchor Sunday school: The Bible tells us that Jesus could return any time and that we need to be ready. With the use of various cleaning utensils discuss how we would want to have our house and ourselves clean and in order if we knew an important person was going to visit us. To prepare for the return of Jesus we need to make sure our hearts are in order (Luke 21:34) and that our lives are pleasing to him.
    Object Lessonitems: Various items used for cleaning the (1) House – Window cleaner, feather duster, etc.   (2) Ourselves – Nail brush, tooth brush, comb, etc.
    Full Children’s Sermon:
    Good morning children. In our church we call this the first day of Advent. It is the time if year when we remember promises about the first coming of Jesus, that we celebrate at Christmas, and also the second coming of Jesusthat is still to come one day in the future. I want you to imagine that the Queen (or President) phoned you up one day and said they were coming over to your house for a visit some day soon! Wouldn’t that be exciting? How would you prepare for the Queen to come over? (Discuss some things you could do.) I brought some things with me to show you what I would do. Do you know what this is? Yes, it’s a feather duster. I would want to make sure all the dust was cleaned up so that everything looked nice. Do you know what this is? Yes. It’s a scrub brush to help me get everything nice and sparkling clean. Do you know what this is? It’s a nice clean table cloth. We use this on special occasions. (Add:, window cleaner, large bag to pick up all the clutter, nail brush for cleaning fingernails etc.) If the Queen was coming over I would certainly want to have the house clean and everything in order. That would be especially important if I didn’t know the exact time she was coming. Imagining that the Queen is coming to our house helps us to think about this important season of Advent. The season of Advent is when we remember that Jesus said that he would return one day to earth so that we could actually see him. We don’t know when that day will be so it’s important for us to have our lives clean and in order. We don’t want our lives to be like a messy, cluttered house. We want to make sure our lives are cleaned up of all bitterness, greed, selfishness, and that we are living lives that are pleasing to God. That way, we can be excited about the fact that Jesus is returning and know his life and joy while we wait for that day.

    Children’s Prayer:
    Thank you God for the promise that Jesus will someday return. Through your Holy Spirit, help us to be ready for that day by living lives that are pleasing to you and please forgive us when we do things that are wrong. That way we will be ready to welcome King Jesus and we’ll share in his joy. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Back to School object lesson

    Children’s Sermon: Back to School

    A sermon / object lesson on going back to school. At Sunday school or Children’s church bring out typical new school supplies that children take to school. Show the children the importance of putting their names on the items to show who they belong to. Remind the children we belong to God. As followers of Jesus, God has placed his seal of ownership on us. That’s important to remember when we go back to school.
    Objects: Various school supplies, masking tape and felt pen for writing your name on the items.
    Children’s Object Lesson:
    Good Morning Children. I hope you are all pretty excited about going back to school. One of the best things about going back to school is having new school supplies. Look at the wonderful new school items I have here. (Show various items to the children) I’ve got some pens. I’ve got a ruler for measuring and making straight lines. I have some nice new crayons for drawing. Do you know what this item is for? Etc.
    Did you notice anything that is on these items? Yes, you’re right. I’ve put a piece of tape with my name written on it. That way if I share it with someone else I can know it belongs to me and I can get it back when they are finished with it. It’s important for me to know what items belong to me and what items don’t belong to me. That’s petty important but here is something that is also important. When we head off to school it’s important for us to know that WE belong to God. In much the same way that we mark things that belong to us, God has marked us (his children) with the Holy Spirit. Now we can’t see the Holy Spirit but the bible makes it clear that God has placed his mark of ownership on us. If we are followers of Jesus we belong to God and are a part of his family. So children, I hope you remember to put your name on all the new school supplies that belong to you. I hope you will also remember that you belong to Jesus Christ and God has marked you with his Holy Spirit.
    Pray: Lord God, thank you for the many things (especially our new school supplies) that belong to us. Thank you too for the fact that we belong to you and you have marked us with your Holy Spirit. Thank you that you will watch over us and help us live for you during this new school year – In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  • Brothers and sisters in God's family

    Lecionary Gospel text for this Sunday: Mark 3:20-35 Who are my mother and brothers? Or, fits with Galatians 3: 23-29 - June 19 2022

    Main children's sermon idea: As followers of Jesus we are part of a large wonderful family -the family of God

    Overview: Have various children mention who is in their family. Ask their family members to stand up. Explain how Jesus said his followers (you and me) are also part of another family; the family of God. After having some individual families stand up, have everyone in the congregation stand up and highlight that we belong to this great family. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.  children fellowship

    Full kids talk: Good morning children! Who here is a member of a family? (Be sensitive to the wide variety of family situations in your fellowship). That’s right. All of you are from some type of family, big or small. Carol, is your family here this morning? Let’s get them to stand up. I can see you have a mother and two brothers. Richard, do you have family member here today? (Get them to stand up in the congregation)

    It’s wonderful that we are part of some type of family that cares for us and loves us. However, did you know that as a follower of Jesus you are a part of another wonderful family? It’s called the family of God! In our bible lesson today from Mark chapter 3 Jesus said that his followers (who were doing his will) were brothers and sisters together. Let’s have this big family stand up. (Ask the whole congregation to stand.) Do you see all these people here this morning? As followers of Jesus we are part of this big family. Can you see Betty over there? She is a grandmother to her own family but think of her as like a grandmother to all of us as well. Look around this circle that we are sitting in. Think of these people as being like your brothers and sisters in God’s big family.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank for our families that loves us and looks after us each day. Thank you also that as followers of Jesus we are a part of wonderful big family called the family of God. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Children's lesson - God knows our name

    Object Lesson / Sunday School Outline: God Knows Our Names

    Title: God Knows Your Name

    Scripture: John 10:3 - "The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out."

    Objective: To teach children that while we may need name tags to remember each other’s names, God knows each of us by name and knows everything about us. He knows us personally.

    Object lesson items:

    • Name tags and markers, A Bible, A large sheet of paper or whiteboard, Markers or crayons

    Welcome and Opening Prayer

    • Briefly introduce the topic of the lesson: God's personal knowledge of us.
    • Activity: Give each child a name tag and a marker. Have them write their name on the tag and wear it. (If you are doing this in church you could skip this part.) Ask the children why they think we wear name tags in church or at events. Discuss their answers.
      • Explain that name tags help us remember each other’s names because sometimes we forget or don’t know everyone.
      • Share that God never needs a name tag to remember us. He knows our names and everything about us. How wonderful is that! Consider playing the song "He knows my name" by Tommy Walker. It's very powerful. 
    1. Scripture Reading:
      • Read John 10:1-5 aloud to the children. Or, give your own paraphrase.
      • Focus on verse 3: "The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out."
    2. Interactive Discussion:
      • Ask the children how it feels when someone remembers their name. Discuss how it makes them feel special and important. Explain that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, knows each of us by name. He calls us and leads us because He loves us deeply.
    3. Illustration Activity: (if you are in a class room)
      • Visual Aid:
        • Draw a large sheepfold (sheep pen) on the whiteboard or paper. Add a gatekeeper and a shepherd. Draw several sheep inside the pen and write the children's names on the sheep. As you call out each child’s name, write it on a sheep and add it to the pen. Explain that just as you know their names, Jesus knows their names even more perfectly.
    1. Application:
      • Encourage the children to remember that God knows everything about them – their likes, dislikes, fears, and dreams. Remind them that they can always talk to God in prayer because He cares for them individually and listens to them by name.
    2. Conclusion:
      • Summarize the main point: While we might need name tags to remember each other’s names, God knows each of us by name without any help. Encourage them to trust in God's personal knowledge and care.
    3. Closing Prayer:
      • Pray, thanking God for His intimate knowledge of each child and asking Him to help them remember that they are known and loved by Him.
    4. Optional Craft Activity:
      • Provide each child with a small card and markers or crayons. Have them decorate the card with their name and a reminder: "God knows my name!" They can take this card home as a reminder of today’s lesson.
  • Children's Sermon - Seek first the Kingdom of God

    Bible Lesson talk: "Seek first the kingdom of God" Matthew 6:33 - Fun and interactive about 5 minutes

     Kingdom of God

    Sermon for kids idea overview:  Show the children various activities that need to be done in the correct order (Highlight what needs to come first) Example – Brush your teeth first and then put the toothpaste on after! – Have some fun. Imagine getting up in the morning, going to school and then putting your clothes on! Letting go of the balloon and then trying to tie a string on. Put butter and jam on bread and then put it in the toaster? You get the idea.) There are things that need to come first. Then explain that there is something that needs to come first in life – seeking God’s Kingdom and putting Jesus first.

    Object lesson props: Whatever works best. Toothbrush and toothpaste, a toaster, bread and jam, schoolbooks and clothes, a balloon and string.

    Complete children’s sermon: Good morning children! Jesus said that we should “Seek first the Kingdom of God” Matthew 6:33) Let me show you what I think Jesus was trying to teach us. Do you see this toothbrush? What if I tried to brush my teeth like this and then afterwards put on the toothpaste? Would that work very well? No, it wouldn’t. The toothpaste needs to go on before brushing my teeth.

    Look at these clothes and these schoolbooks. Would it make sense to take my schoolbooks and head off to school and then put on my clothes later? No!  What about this toaster and this piece of bread. I’m going to put some butter on like this, add some strawberry jam and then I will put it in the toaster. Is this a good idea? No. We need to put the butter and jam on first!

    It’s important that we do things in the right order. In our bible verse today, Jesus said that all of us need to “seek first the kingdom of God.” If we want to find the wonderful life that God has for us, we need to put Him first. Jesus is a king, and we need to put His Kingdom first. We wouldn’t put butter and jam on our bread and then put it in the toaster! It would make a mess. Likewise, we might make a mess of our lives if we don’t make God first in our life. We can put God first by keeping in touch with God in prayer and by seeking to live the way he wants us to live. When we do that, we can trust that he will look after us and provide what we need.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, Help us to always put you and your kingdom first in life. Help us to entrust our lives to you, knowing that you will be with us, you will guide us, and look after our basic needs. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Children's Sermon -Take up your Cross

    Sunday Lesson – Children’s sermon: Take up your Cross

    Show the children a small cross. Show them a full size cross and remind them of how hard it would be to carry a real life size cross. Taking up our cross and following Jesus is sometimes hard and sometimes it hurts. Mark 8: 27-38 Trinity 14
    Object lessonprops: small ornamental cross or necklace, large cross (made out of old 2x4s, 4x4s, or even better 6x6s!)take up cross
    Children’s sermon: Good Morning Children. This morning one of our bible readings is from Mark chapter 7 where Jesus told his disciples to “take up their cross” and “follow him (Jesus).” (Consider reading the text out loud.) Hmmm. I wonder what he meant?
    Look at this cross I have here in my hand. This would be pretty easy to “take up and carry.” Hold this cross in your hands. Do you agree that this cross would be easy to carry around? If this is the type of cross that Jesus was taking about when he said “take up your cross and follow me,” then following Jesus would be pretty easy. But of course this is just a small cross. The cross that Jesus suffered and died on was a very big cross.
    (Carry out the life size cross) Look at the size of this cross. Even this one was not as big as the real cross that Jesus had to carry before he died. Feel how heavy it is. (Let some of the children pick it up.) Do you think this cross would be harder to carry around than this little one? When Jesus said we needed to “take up our cross and follow him” he was trying to tell us that following him would sometimes be hard and would sometimes hurt.
    These small crosses are to remind us of the big cross that Jesus had to carry and also remind us of how he suffered and laid down his life for us in love. Crosses also remind us that when we follow Jesus it will sometimes hurt – it may even sometime feel like we are dying! So, when you think of the cross, think of the big heavy cross that Jesus had to carry. Think of his love. And remember that following him is not always easy and is even sometimes painful. (Idea: If you had time you could discuss some examples of how following Jesus is sometime inconvenient and sometimes painful.)
    Pray: Thank you God that Jesus loved us so much he was willing to take up his cross and suffer for us. Help us to be willing to “take up our own cross” and suffer for Jesus. Thank you God for your great love and for your Holy Spirit who will give us strength and joy even when following you is hard to do. – In Jesus’ name, Amen!
    (Consider getting the children to leave the room, helping one another carry the large cross)

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  • Children's sermon for Palm Sunday


    Palm Sunday Children’s sermon     Luke 19:28-40   Sunday of the Passion 

     For Sunday School or Children's Church -


    Palm Sunday Kids
    Children’s Sermon Idea: Talk about the excitement around the recent Olympic Games land show how many people waved flags in the air when the athletes entered the stadium. Explain how Jesus came down into Jerusalem and all the people waved Palm branches in celebration. (You could also use the idea of players entering as stadium at the superbowl or an NHL hockey game playoff) 
     (PS - Don't forget to check out the home page for other ideas or go here -> a list of Palm Sunday ideas.)
    Objects lesson props: 1. Some flags or banners you can wave. (Use an Olympic flag if you have one or make one out of paper.) 2. A palm branch or some facsimile.
    Children’s Sermon for Palm Sunday: Good morning children. How many of you watched the Olympic Games on T.V.? Great. Our whole family watched them on T.V. What was your favourite event? (Interact with the children) Do you know what my favourite part was? It was the opening ceremonies when the athletes entered into the stadium with all the people cheering. Many of the people waved flags as they cheered the athletes. (Give a demonstration or ask some of the children to help you out.)
    It was a great celebration. The people were so excited that the athletes were getting reading to compete in all the events. There was so much excitement.
    In our bible reading today we are remembering a very special event in the life of Jesus. Today is called Palm Sunday and we remember the day when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people were so excited that King Jesus was coming to the city. They didn’t have flags but they cut down palm branches and waved them in the air. They shouted out “Hosanna in the highest” as Jesus rode into the city. It was so exciting. Today (Palm Sunday) we remember that special when all the people celebrated and cheered on Jesus with Palm branches in the air.
    (Consider placing a robe on one of the children (as Jesus) and have the other children wave palm branches as you process down the church isle. At our church we also sing the song “Hosanna in the highest” as we process.)
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, as we celebrate on this Palm Sunday help us to remember that day when all the adults and children waved palm branches and cheered as Jesus entered Jerusalem as King. We know Jesus rose from the dead and is alive. Help us to remember that he is our wonderful King and that we can praise him everyday! In Jesus’ name – Amen.

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  • Children's sermon on Interpreting the Times and Seasons

    Children’s Sermon on Interpreting the Times – Luke 12: 49-57

    Idea for the kids talk on Sunday morning:  Jesus talked about interpreting the weather and interpreting the times. Bring up various items related to different weather conditions. (ie Sun glasses, umbrella, rubber boots, sweater, etc)  Describe different weather conditions and ask the children tell you what item would be appropriate for each type of weather. Give a short overview of Luke 12:9-57 and explain that interpreting the weather is important but it is even more important to understand the times and seasons of life. Conclude by telling the children that it is always the right time and season to follow Jesus.

    Object lesson props:  Unbrella, sweater, rubber boots, sun glasses, sun tan lotion, jacket.

    Full Children’s sermon based on the Lectionary Gospel reading: Good morning Children! Look at some of these things I brought with me this morning. (Alternately, you could come out wearing some of the items!) Do you know what all these items are? Have you ever put on any of these items? Ok, now I want to see if you know when you would wear these items. What if it was a really sunny day with no clouds in the sky? What would be good to wear? That’s right. Putting on the suntan lotion would help prevent a sun burn. Yes, wearing the sun glasses would make it easier on your eyes. Now, what if it was a little bit of cloud with cold wind blowing? Yes, I think it would be a good idea to put on this sweater or wind breaker. Ok, what would I wear before going outside if I looked out and saw big, dark clouds? What should I wear with that type of weather? That’s right, it might be wise to put on a rain jacket because the dark clouds might be a sign that it is going to rain. Well done! You are all very good at interpreting the weather and knowing how to prepare.

    In our bible lesson from the Gospel of Luke, Jesus talked about the importance of “understanding the times”. He said that people can look at the weather and understand how to prepare and what to do.  But for some reason the people didn’t understand Jesus and the need to follow him! They could understand what to do when the sun came out but they didn’t know what to do when God sent His son Jesus! God sent his son Jesus so we could know Him and discover his love. And we know that Jesus is alive and wants us to follow him and to discover his wonderful life.

    So…When you go outside I hope you will remember to check the weather and put on the right clothing. I also hope you will remember that it is always the right time to follow Jesus (to live the way he wants us to live) and discover all we were meant to do and be!

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, help us to be wise and understand that it is always the right time and season to follow Jesus. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Children's sermon on Jesus the Cornerstone

    Children's talk for Sunday School - Jesus the Cornerstone: The stone the builders rejected

    Lectionary: Matt 21:33-46       - For Jr. Youth, Sunday School or Children's church

    Children’s Bible message– idea: Make a small tower out of building blocks or books. Explain the importance of the foundational “cornerstones” at the base of your structure. Discuss what might happen if blocks are removed. Ask them what would happen if one of your most important “cornerstones” were removed. Pull out one of these blocks making the structure fall. Explain how the bible says Jesus is like a “cornerstone.” Some people felt he was not needed but we know that he is the most important of all.
    (Comment: Scholars are unsure whether this stone is a capstone at the top of an arch, a traditional cornerstone or the locking capstone at the top of intersecting walls. Whatever is the right interpretation the basic message is the same.)
    Object lesson items: Building blocks, boxes or Hymns books. Place 3 or 4 key “stones” at the bottom of the structure so that your building will fall if one is removed.
    Complete Children’s Sermon: Good morning children! Look what I have in this box this morning. Do you know what these are? Right! They are building blocks. When I was young, I used to love building things with blocks like these. Let’s make a building this morning. (Start by making the appropriate foundation and then ask the children to help you build the structure.) Please give me a hand. Thank you for helping. It’s looking like a nice building. Let’s make it nice and tall. Now, what would happen if I took one of these blocks of the very top? That’s right. I don’t think it would matter that much. Do you see these “stones” at the bottom? These are “cornerstones.” They are very important. What do you think will happen if I removed one of these cornerstones? Hmmm. Let’s find out. I’m going to take out this one and throw it away. (Let the building crash to the ground.) Wow! That was not a very good idea. It really came crashing to the ground. The cornerstone(s) is the most important stone of the whole building. Our bible reading today says that Jesus is like a cornerstone that the builders decided to throw away. However, that wasn’t very smart because Jesus was the most important “stone” of all. If we try, build our lives or a church without Jesus it will probably end up like this building here. So always remember to make Jesus the most important part of your life.
    Children’s Prayer: Dear God. Thank you for sending Jesus to be like a strong cornerstone on which we can build our lives. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
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  • children's sermon on Thanksgiving


    Children's sermon on Giving Thanks (Saying Thank you to God)


    Basic idea:   Thanksgiving flowers

    When the children are gathered up front say a brief word about the importance of saying thank you. Ask if there are any members of the congregation that know how to say “Thank you” in their native tongue. Ask them to say it out loud. (You could ask the children to try repeating the phrase) You could include ‘thank you” in sign language. After hearing from 4 or 5 individuals explain how God knows all languages and how we can say thank you to in any language in prayer.

    Objects needed – None

    Individual from different ethnic backgrounds could be approached ahead of time but you can also just do this spontaneously.

    Full Thanksgiving message for the kids:

    Good morning children. Do you know what is special about this Sunday? That’s right it is Thanksgiving Sunday. We want to give thanks to God every day, but on this Sunday we want to take time to remember all that things that we are thankful for in Life. What are some of the things that you are thankful for? (Spend a brief moment interacting with the children) Now, when I want to say “thank you” I just use my normal English language and say “Thank you God!”  But, in other countries they say “thank you” in different languages. Let see if there are any people in our congregation that can say “thank you” on a different language. (Ask individuals to stand up and say thank you in their native tongue. It might be fun to see if the children can repeat the phrases in the foreign language. Consider having someone share using sign language. Thank the various individuals who helped out.)

     Now, children as you can see there are many ways to say thank you. The good news is that God is very smart (in fact he knows everything!) and he can understand every language in the world. It doesn’t matter what language we use. The important thing is that we do say thank you to God for the many ways we have been blessed.  Join me now in saying thank you to God.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, there are so many things we are thankful for (perhaps mention some of the items the children mentioned) but above all we are thankful for your great love that you have for each one of us. Thank you also for sending Jesus to be our Saviour and our friend – In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

    (You could also close by having the group give a loud “Thank you God!”)

    Note: American Sign Language for Thank You – Place your open hand and fingers up against your closed mouth. Bring your hand out and down toward the individual with your palm facing up.

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  • Come away - Resting in Jesus

    Sundaychildrensfocus Mark6 - Come away with Jesus to a quiet place  - Spending time with Jesus

    In Mark 6:31 Jesus said: “Come away with me to a quite place and get some rest.”   (Rough Draft)

    Summary: Gather the children up front and tell them you have some important things to tell them / read to them. Prearrange to have a number of people interrupt you with various distractions. (Prayer requests, your cell phone going off, people asking for various things. Have some fun with this.) Explain how it’s not working very well with all the noise and distractions. Tell the children about the Mark chapter 6 where Jesus was tired and exhausted by all the people in need and how he asked his disciple get away with him to a quiet place. Explain how we all need time to withdraw from the crowds and spend some quiet time with Jesus.

    Full children’s message for the text this week: (Pre-arrange to have various people interrupt you and distract you.) Good morning children! I want you to gather around me while I read out a very important words from the bible (I’m going to read out some special Jesus sayings from the gospel of John). Begin reading in a soft voice as the interrupting people come forward with various requests. Be friendly but make it clear that your quiet time with the children is not working very well with all the disruptions.

    Debrief: Well children, I’m not sure if you heard those important words from the bible with all the people bothering us. In the Gospel of Mark (chapter 6) it says that Jesus and the disciples were healing people and doing wonderful things. However, there were so many people in need they were getting exhausted. Jesus encouraged the disciples to come away with him to a quiet place where they could get some rest.

    In our lives we can become so busy and bothered that we need to get away and spend time alone with Jesus. In fact, I think we should find some time ever day just to be alone with Jesus. We don’t need to go far. It might be in a quiet room in the house or your favourite spot outside in the yard.(Just make sure you tell your parents where you are.) It just needs to be some place that is quiet. We could read our bible, pray or just be rest quietly. You might think of Jesus and the wonderful things he did or listen for his still small voice of love and assurance. Jesus wanted to spend time alone with the disciples and he also wants to spend quiet time with us as well.

    Children’s Prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus wanted his disciples to come away with him to be together and find rest. Please help us to set aside some time in our busy day) to rest with you and your Son Jesus. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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    Jesus with children


  • Emergency Sunday School ideas


    “I’m unprepared and I need to teach a Sunday School class tomorrow!” -

    Here are some quick ideas that you could use: (Or you can always just check out the stories on this website!)

    Sunday School Panic

    1. Take the kids on an outdoor thanksgiving walk. Do a walking trip and ask the children to notice things they are thankful for. As they mention things, ask them why they are thankful for those items: You are thankful for trees. Why? What good things come from trees? (Wood to build houses; Shade on a hot day; privacy etc. After discussing each item, you (or the children) could lead in a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

    2. Read out a parable or other bible story and have the children act out the story as you read out a paraphrased version. (Parables such as the Prodigal Son and the Good Samaritan can work well for spontaneous dramas.) Extra: Record your drama on your cell phone and show it to them.

    3. Tell you story of coming to faith in Jesus and have the children tell their story. (Be sensitive to the fact that children may not all have a polished, rehearsed testimony. When you are finished, lead in prayer, giving thanks for the many ways that people come to follow Jesus.

    4. Have one of the young people share a problem or trial and facilitate a group discussion on how to help that person. What help does Jesus provide? What help can class members provide? This exercise can help develop your group’s compassion quotient.

    5. Facilitate a discussion on the practical needs of your church and community. Is there a project you could all be involved in? How can you help people in need? Bake cookies and ask church members to donate to your good cause.

    6. Prepare a song (an action song) or a skit that you could present to the congregation the following Sunday. (Or to an elderly shut in person)

    7. Put together a quick bible trivia game and ask the kids to fill in the blanks or give the answers.

    8. Play a Bible Pictionary Game. Make up a list of cards with bible names, events, or people. Divide into two groups and have a person in the group pick a card and draw a picture in front of their group without using words. If the team guesses what the picture is about, the team gets a point.

    9. Use building blocks to build the Temple, Jerusalem or other bible scene.

    10. Have the children work together to do a puzzle. Use this as an opportunity to speak about working together as a team.

    11. Ask a member of the congregation to come and speak to the kids. If you have a young person who is a role model, all the better. Or interview them: How did you come to believe in Jesus? Do you find it hard being a Christian at school? How to you keep strong as a Christian? What are some of your favorite bible verses? Hearing a word from an older young person can be powerful.


  • I will make you fishers of people

    I will make you Fishers of People - Mark 1: 14-20

    Use a fishing tackle box full of lures to talk about being fishers of people. 

    Objects needed: Fishing tackle box with various lures (be careful of the hooks!)

    fishing tackle box

    Good morning Children! Have you ever been fishing or have you seen someone fishing? In Bible times they usually used nets. But when I go fishing for fish I usually use lures to catch fish. Here is my fishing tackle box. (Show a tackle box.) This tackle box is filled with all sorts of interesting things that fishermen use to attract and catch fish. You see, just like fishermen use different lures to attract fish, we can live in such a way as to attract people to Jesus.

    Let's open this tackle box and see what's inside. (Open the tackle box, revealing various lures.) Now these lures are designed to attract fish. (Do you see that this one is very shiny. This one wiggles like a worm etc.) Let pretend these lures are things that attract people to Jesus. (You might want to hold up the lures for the children to see)

    1. Love Lure: The first lure is love. When we show love to others, it's like a shiny, sparkly lure that makes people curious about Jesus. Love is a powerful way to attract others to Him.
    2. Kindness Lure: Here's a lure of kindness. When we are kind to others, it's like a bright, colorful lure that makes people want to know more about the love of Jesus.
    3. Joy Lure: This one is joy. When we have joy in our hearts, it's like a lively, bouncing lure that makes others want to join in and find out why we're so happy.
    4. Helping Lure: Look at this lure of helping. When we help others, it's like a helpful, practical lure that shows Jesus' love in action.
    5. Sharing Lure: And here's a lure of sharing. When we share what we have, it's like a generous, giving lure that shows people the generosity of Jesus.

    Now, let's talk about what might attract people to Jesus. What do you think is something special about Jesus that would make others want to know Him? (Encourage the children to share their thoughts.)

    Remember, just like a fisherman carefully chooses the right lure for different fish, we can choose the right way to share Jesus' love with different people. Let's make sure our tackle boxes (our lives) are filled with love, kindness, joy, helping, and sharing so that we can be the best fishers of men, just like Jesus wants us to be.

    Thank you for joining me on this fishing adventure today. Let's go out and be bright and shining lures, attracting others to the wonderful love of Jesus!

    Children’s Prayer:  Dear God, help us to be “Fishers of People / Men”. Through the help of the Holy Spirit help us to live in such a way that others become interested in finding out more about Jesus! In Jesus’ name – Amen!

  • Jesus feeds the five thousand

    Children sermon on the feeding of the five thousand (5000)

    Loaves and fishes – John 6:1-21    fish
    Interactive Drama for Church or Sunday School
    Props: 2 small baskets, lots of paper cut outs of loaves and fish
    Basic idea:  Using a basket and paper cut outs, show how Jesus miraculously multiplied the loaves and fish. Let the children hold the multiplied “loaves and fish” and get them to help you count them all.
    Full Story:
    (Cut out a large number of “loaves” and “fish” out of paper and place them in a basket. Take another basket and place the initial "5 loaves and 2 fish" into that basket)
    Good morning children. I want to tell you about how Jesus did a wonderful miracle by feeding 5 thousand hungry people. You can read about this in chapter six of John’s gospel. A large crowd had been following Jesus. The people were so excited about what he had to say that they forgot about eating! It was getting late and they were starting to get hungry. A young child was willing to offer his five loaves of bread and two fish but of course that wasn’t enough for everybody. (Hold up the first basket) To show you what Jesus did I made up some fish and bread out of paper. (Pull out the 5 loaves and 2 fish so that they can see.) Of course this wasn’t nearly enough to feed everybody but Jesus asked them to sit down on the grass. Then he took that small amount of food the the child provided, (Take the 5 loaves and 2 fish and put them in the second basket. Hold the basket up high), Gave thanks to God and then distributed the food. This is when things got pretty exciting. I’ll show you what happened. Please hold your hands out in front of you so I can distribute the food. I would also like you to count out loud each time I give out a fish or a piece of bread. "One, Two, Three, Four..."(Get some other adults in the first row to help count if you think the children will be too shy. Start distributing the “multiplied” fish and bread into the children’s hands helping them count as you go. Go quickly and make sure every child gets a good handful of fish and bread. I'd keep going until you are up at around 50 or so. For special effect you could ask them to hold out their hands for you to up-end the basket and dump the rest of the "food" out.) Wow! You all have lots of fish and bread. That’s what happened with Jesus. My story uses fish and bread made out of paper, but Jesus did a miracle with real bread and real fish. As Jesus and the disciples distributed the food it just kept coming, and coming and coming until the whole crowd of people had more than enough food to eat. In fact, there was so much that there were twelve baskets of food left over. This showed the people that Jesus had God’s power. It also showed the people that Jesus could provide for their every need. It also showed how important it was for that one small child to offer to Jesus what little he had.
    Pray: Thank you God for this miracle that Jesus did. He truly is more wonderful than we can imagine. He really is a wonderful Saviour. Thank you that he provided food for the people and that he loves us and can provide for our needs as well.
    Copyright 2009 Andrew Hewlett and   Feel free to use this story on Sunday morning but please give credit to and consider linking to this page. A.H.



  • Jesus transforms Peter into a Rock - kids sermon

    Jesus will transform Simon Peter into a Rock. Kids sermon on John 1:42

    Jesus Transformation

    Kids sermon idea: This is a fun introduction into the idea that Jesus will make Peter into a solid rock of a disciple. Set up a large box or a stand-up partition to be an imaginary “transformation machine”. Have someone walk behind the machine (or into the box) looking shy and fearful. Have them come out the other side standing up straight and looking confident. Wouldn’t it be great if there was such a machine! Explain how Jesus is in the business of transforming people. Jesus called Simon and said he would make him Peter – the rock. Jesus wants to make us into the people we were created to be.

    Set up: 1. A stand up partition or a large box (If you know someone who has purchased a fridge recently. You could add a sign saying, “transformation machine”. 2. Prearrange for someone to enter your machine.

    Children’s story: Good morning children! Look what I have here this morning! It’s my transformation machine. I will test it out with my friend Arnold. Look at Arnold. He looks a little shy and fearful. I’m going to have him enter my newest invention. It’s a transformation machine. It makes us into the people we were created to be. (Have Arnold walk behind the partition or into the large box. You could push some pretend buttons for special effects. Have them exit your transformation machine and come out the other side standing tall and full of confidence and enthusiasm.) Wow! Isn’t that amazing! He went in shy and fearful and came out standing tall and confident. My transformation machine is a success!

    Unfortunately, this is just a pretend machine. No one has been able to invent a transformation machine. However, Jesus said that his followers could be transformed into the people God created us to be. In our bible reading today Jesus called Simon to follow him. He said that he would call him Peter, which means rock. Jesus was going to transform him into a bold disciple. He would be strong like a rock.

    In a similar way, Jesus wants us to follow him, and he promises to transform us. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, he will us make strong, loving, and bold followers of Jesus.

    Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus transformed Simon into the Peter the rock. Help us to be faithful followers of Jesus so that we too will be transformed into bold and loving disciples who will help change the world. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Jesus understands - rejected by friends and family

     Children's sermon - Jesus is rejected by his friends and family at Nazareth    

    Basic idea: Help children understand the humanity of Jesus and that he understands when we feel sad or rejected.  Have a small group of individual prepared to say negating comments to Jesus. Dramatize how it must have been very painful for Jesus to be rejected by his friends and family at Nazareth, his home town.
    Dramatic Children’s sermon:
    (Ask a small group of volunteers to represent the friends and family of Jesus in Nazareth. Suggest that they be ready to give comments such as; “That’s just Jesus – he’s not so special, “ or “I’ve seen him before, who cares about him?” Have them walk away from you (Jesus) when they are finished insulting and criticizing you.
    Good morning children! This morning our bible reading is about Jesus returning to his home town of Nazareth. Do you think all the people would be excited to see him? Yes, you would think so. Jesus had been doing many wonderful things, he healed many people and was showing his love to many people. However, when he went back to his home town of Nazareth it wasn’t as he had hoped. Now, I have some people that are going to come forward and pretend to be the family and friends of Jesus at Nazareth. (Thank you, please stand just over here)
    Now kids, I’m going to pretend I’m Jesus returning home to Nazareth. Watch closely.
    (Walking towards the group of volunteers with arms outstretched): “Hello Friends! Remember me? It’s Jesus. I used to live here!” (Members of the group respond with disparaging comments and insults. Jesus keeps trying to be friendly but they reject him. Eventually the crowd of “friends” walks off leaving Jesus all alone and downcast.)
    Children, it was so sad that even his friends and some members of his family rejected him. How do you think Jesus felt? (Allow the children to respond) That’s right. Jesus would have been so sad to be rejected by people in his home town. Jesus knows what it’s like to be insulted and hurt. Sometimes people say things to us that make us sad. Perhaps they say something unkind or hurtful. Perhaps they just say they don’t want to play with us. That hurts us inside and can make us sad. If that ever happens to you I want you to remember that Jesus knows what it feels like. He knows what you are feeling inside because he was treated that way too. The good news is that He loves us all the time. He will never leave us or forsake us. 
    Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you that Jesus knows what we are feeling and he understands because he suffered and was rejected by his friends. Thank you that He will always love us and will never leave us. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • July 4th Independence Day children's idea


    4th of July Children’s sermon Independence Day

    (I am from Canada so I don’t have a full appreciation of the 4th of July and it’s historical meaning for those in the United States. That being said, if I did live in the United States here is a possible angle that might go along with the Lectionary reading of Mark 6:1-13:)

    Independence Day

    1. Show various symbols or objects used to honor people. (You could use a medal, a trophy or a big fancy chair etc.) You could also have the kids give a big cheer to demonstrate another way of honoring people.

    2. Explain how Jesus (Mark 6:1-13) was not always honored. As followers of Jesus, we too will not always be honored. Nevertheless, we keep serving Jesus no matter what comes our way. You could also explain how others may not understand our faith in Jesus and make fun of us.

    3. Explain to the children how in some countries Christians don’t have the freedom to openly express their faith. In some countries Christians are persecuted.

    4. Highlight how thankful we are that we (those in the United States on this 4th of July) have the freedom and liberty to live a Christians. We are not under the control of another country and all people have the freedom to practice our faith. That is what we celebrate with fireworks and cheers on the July the fourth.

    Idea: Get the children and the congregation to give a big cheer to show honor to Jesus and his disciples. Lead the children in a prayer of thanksgiving for the freedom experienced in our country. (And perhaps lead in a cheer of thanksgiving)

    Peace – Andrew Hewlett

  • Kids gospel message -The man born blind

    Kids object lesson on Spiritual Blindness (John 9:1-41)

     Jesus in the snow

    Idea overview: Show the children an ambiguous picture of a person or thing (Consider the cryptic picture of Jesus (see above). Ask them if they can see the picture of a person (or whatever object you use that is not obvious to all). Show them where the person is in the picture. Discuss how we can sometimes miss what seems to be in plain sight. Explain how Jesus did many wonderful things but some people just couldn’t see that Jesus was the promised savior.

    Objects needed: Some ambiguous picture that people might need help to truly see and understand. (If you want to find the picture above, simply do an internet search for “Jesus in the snow”)

    (Note: Make sure that some children are not left with the idea that they are spiritually blind. Highlight that this illustrates that we can sometimes miss what is right before us. I would emphasize that many people seem to be blind to Jesus, but thankfully they can see and understand he really is a wonderful Savior.)

    Children’s sermon: Good morning, Children! Today I would like you to look at this interesting picture. What do you see? Can you see a person in the picture? (If someone sees the image of a person, have them get up and help explain it to others) Yes, some people see the picture of a person. I think it looks like how I picture Jesus – although no one knows for sure exactly what he looked like. See, here are the person’s eyes, there is his nose etc.

    When Jesus walked on this earth many years ago there were some people who couldn’t really understand Jesus. It was like they were “spiritually blind”. In our bible reading today Jesus healed a blind man. Many people saw and believed in Jesus and his wonderful healing power. However, some people were right there but refused to believe in Him. Even when they could see that the blind man had been wonderfully healed! It was like they were blind to understanding that Jesus was the Savior.

    I am so thankful that we know Jesus is really the savior of the world. It is sad that many people just can’t “see” what a wonderful savior he is. My prayer is that, as we follow Jesus, others can come to understand and see that he really is the savior of the world.

    Children’s prayer: Dear God, thank you for opening our eyes and hearts so that we can believe and know that Jesus really is the savior of the world. Help us to live in such a way that others who seem to be blind to him will come to know him, and his amazing love. In Jesus’ name – Amen!

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  • Kids sermon on Jesus calming the storm

    Jesus can calm the wind and the waves

    Kids Sermon: Jesus Calms the Storm -- (He can also calm the storms of life)

    Mark  4:35- 41     Even the Wind and Waves obey him:     "Peace,  be still "

    Children’s sermon idea: Sunday School or Children's Church:  Demonstrate how Jesus was able to calm the storm. Get the congregation to violently wave their hands, making the sound of wind. Ask the children to imagine being in a boat at sea. In a loud voice call out “PEACE – BE STILL” showing how Jesus had power over the wind and the waves.
    Object lesson props: None   Jesus calms the storm
    Full Kids Sermon: Good morning children! In our bible reading today the disciples learned that Jesus had power over the wind and the waves. The disciples were out on the sea when a huge storm came up. There were terrified when they saw the big waves and heard the sound of the wind. Then they woke up Jesus. He told the wind and the waves to calm down and right away, the storm stopped. They were amazed at his power – the power of God!
    Let’s act this out to see what it was like. You can pretend you are the disciples sitting in the boat. The people out there in the congregation will be the wind and the waves. Let’s practice a bit. Members of the congregation, please make the sound of a violent wind. That’s great. Now let’s add some waves to that. We will do it again but wave your hands in the air like waves in a storm. Wow, that looks like a scary storm. Now kids, when you see the wind and the waves pretend to be very scared. I will pretend to be Jesus commanding the storm to be still. OK, we are about to start. Kids, pretend you are rowing a boat on the Sea of Galilee. Great! Now let’s have the storm start. Good. Louder still. Bigger waves. (Egg them on a bit). When the disciples saw the waves they were terrified. (Gesture to the children to look terrified.) Now just when the disciples thought they might drown they woke up Jesus. He stood up and said, “Peace, be still!” (The congregation will understand they are to stop.) As soon as Jesus said those words, the storm stopped and the disciples were relieved (whew!) They were so amazed that Jesus could command the wind and the waves. They were learning the Jesus was no ordinary person; he had the power of God!
    Children’s prayer: Dear God, it’s wonderful that Jesus had all the power in the world. Help us to trust Jesus and follow him so we can know his amazing power and his amazing love. In Jesus’ name – Amen!
    Copyright 2012   Andrew Hewlett Feel free to use this story on Sunday but please give credit to SundayChildrensFocus and consider linking to this site. Thank you – A.H.
  • Kids sermon on Jesus' authority

    Short Fun Children's sermon - The Authority of Jesus questioned

    Children’s Sermon idea:
    After welcoming the children / youth arrange to be interrupted by “Jesus.” (Someone who might look like Jesus and wear a long robe. In order to make it clear they could wear a sign, “JESUS.”) After Jesus asks to speak to the children explain that this is YOUR time for teaching and that he will have to find something else to do. Have fun with the interaction. Then debrief with the children and explain how crazy it would be to tell Jesus that he is not allowed to teach. It’s His Church and he is God the Son! Give a short explanation of the Matt 21:23-28 and remind that children that he is the most important person in the church and in our lives.
    Object lesson items / props: This involves some dramatic preparation. Pick someone to be Jesus. They could wear a bathrobe with a sign that says “Jesus.”
    Full (Free!) Kids Sermon:
    Good morning children! This morning I would like to talk to you about our bible reading from Matthew chapter 21…(Make this the cue for JESUS to come up front and interrupt you by asking to speak to the children. ) “Excuse me, I’m Jesus and I would like to speak to the children this morning.” (Look startled and perplexed.) Wow. It’s great to have you hear Jesus but it is actually my job to speak to the children on Sunday mornings. “But I have something important to say to the children…” Well, you need to understand that I was hired to be the pastor (or youth group teacher) of this church so I don’t think you should be doing my job. “But I just want to tell my children about my love…” Hey! I think you should go now before you put me out of a job…(User Jesus off to the side.)
    (Let’s give Mr____ a big hand for helping me out with this little drama.)
    Children, that was just a fun little drama to remind us of how foolish it would be to tell Jesus that he couldn’t speak in our church. Of course we would want Jesus to speak to us. This is His church, He is our Saviour and we would always want to let him speak to us. Since He is the “Boss” it would be terrible if I didn’t let him speak in His church. However, that is what seemed to happen in our bible lesson today for Matthew chapter 21. The religious leaders got angry that Jesus was teaching the people. They said it was their job and not his. But we know that Jesus had been put in charge by God the Father. However, even though Jesus the most important person of all the leaders didn’t like him teaching the people.
    Our little drama and the reading from the Bible should remind us that Jesus is the most important person the whole world. He is our boss or leader and the most important teacher of all. We should always read our Bible and learn more about Jesus the wonderful teacher. The good news is that he is still alive and guides us, leads us, and teaches us through the Holy Spirit.

    Children’s Prayer: Thank you God for sending Jesus. Help us to learn from Him and follow him each day of our life. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

    Copyright  2011 Andrew Hewlett   Feel free to use this on Sunday morning but please give credit to Sundaychildrensfocus